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Item 3: NEW!! Distressed Kafka

For Sale, as part of the RECESSION SPECIAL: Distressed Kafka. (Vintage, ca. 1996)
Originally $150, now just $75!!!!

An authentically pre-worn copy "The Basic Kafka", 15th Printing, Published by Washington Square Press, with an introduction by Erich Heller. ISBN: 0-671-53145-X

Now you can honestly say, "Oh this? It's just my Kafka. Yeah, it's a bit worn, but you know, I can't help myself from simply *devouring* literature and philosophy."

It's small enough to carry in a small handbag, the back pocket of some baggy jeans, or in many coat pockets. And it's unisex!
For the men: Whip it out on the subway, and watch women swoon about you. Wooing has never been easier!
For the women: When you see that hot brooding man scribbling away and you want to catch his eye, flash him the Kafka. It never fails: The best way to a man's heart is through his mind.


And remember kids, as Kafka said in Aphorism #13 of "Refelctions on Sin, Pain, Hope, and the True Way":

"A cage went in search of a bird".
Chew on that, let it marinate, mix some metaphors, and buy this distressed copy of THE BASIC KAFKA.

I have much other vintage and distressed literature. Feel free to email for a complete listing.

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Item 2: Daniel of Roddincountry Reprinted Novella

Price: $14 + $2.50 shipping
Chapter One
Back Cover
Vintage Front Cover

Item 1: Maps Are to Scale T-Shirt

Price: $10 + $5.00 shipping
Sizes: Youth Large, S, M, L, XL, XXL (all in limited quantities)
Note that XXL has a $3 fabric surcharge. (only one left, in gray!)
Forest Green, Red (sold out!), Brown (only one left!), or Gray

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